Quote of the week

Aug 30, 2015

One of my all time favourite quotes. It serves as a reminder to myself that life is a work in progress and only through knowledge of who we are within, hard work, determination, hope, faith, love and change  can we truly become better souls than we were yesterday.

We must be willing to lead non-stagnant lives.

My current television favourites

Aug 29, 2015

Do you enjoy binge watching good TV? I do. I actually prefer to watch whole seasons within a short space of time rather than one episode per week.

During the school term I rarely watch television. I am usually in bed way before new episodes of my favourite TV series air and if I am not in bed, my time is needed elsewhere. Me and TV during the school term are not really an item.

However, when vacation rolls around, it's a different story. I try to catch up on all the shows that I have missed as well as new shows that looked interesting from the previews. I prefer watching TV this way. Am I the only one that cringes when a great episode ends leaving the viewer with unanswered questions? You gotta wait seven days to find out what's the deal? It's torture, I tell you...torture! I don't need that kind of torment so whole seasons at my leisure is much more preferable. Are you with me? Or do you prefer one episode per week?

Anyway, so this vacation I got caught up on all my old favourites...Greys, Scandal and Revenge. I also started watching a few new television shows that were recommended by other bloggers. Since I am ever so grateful to those bloggers for sharing what they enjoyed and recommended, I figured I should create my own list of current favourites.

1. The Fosters - I simply adore this story. Just watch it...it's so wholesome and good and real and beautiful. Very beautiful. It has a purpose that goes way beyond providing entertainment.

2. Switched at Birth - I have always loved Constance Marie and so checking this out was a given. Great show with great actors and actresses. I sort of want to learn ASL now.

3. Downton Abbey - I wrote a whole post on DA here.

4. Madam Secretary - I have a thing for presidential tv shows/movies and so this was right up my alley. It's quite interesting and I'm always left intrigued. I also love the rapport between the Secretary of State and her staff.

5. Grey's Anatomy - I mean...it's Grey's!

6. Scandal - Shonda Rhimes is the queen of story telling! LOVE the story lines on this one. And...while I adore Mellie, I gotta say long live 'Olitz'. :)

There you have it. These are the shows that I enjoy and totally recommend. Do you watch any of the shows on my list? Are there any others you'd recommend?


Aug 26, 2015

What do you get when you combine Wordless Wednesday and Throwback Thursday? 


Me on my very first roller coaster. 11 years ago. It was epic!

Do you like roller coasters?


Aug 23, 2015

Playing...Jackpot Party Casino on Facebook.
Watching...The Fosters. (How awesome is that show?)
Cooking...yeah right!
Eating...greens and lean meat.
Drinking...nothing but water.
Texting...a new friend. :)
Pinning...art and craft ideas for school.
Tweeting...no one really, not even Gloria. (Shame on me!)
Doing...no one. :P
Going...to watch Bachelor in Paradise in a few minutes.
Loving...being on vacation.
Discovering...that God works in mysterious ways.
Enjoying...getting to know someone.
Thinking...about Thor. He is sick and at the vet right now. Breaks my heart to know that he is hurting.
Feeling...hopeful and happy.
Hoping for...a great first year at school.
Listening to...80's music.
Celebrating...our country's Independence (8 more days)
Thanking...God for always knowing what's best for me, even when I fight Him on it.
Considering...going into school tomorrow to get my classroom set up.
Starting...Once Upon a Time. I used to watch it when it first came out, but stopped after the first season. I want to catch up now.
Finishing...this post. :)

What are you up to currently?


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