Oct 1, 2014

Ember Grey's Grateful Heart Linkup

Hello October!

I like to start the beginning of every month with a grateful heart. I love looking back on the month before and documenting all of its wonders and delights.

September is always regarded as the back to school month for me. After two amazing months of happy holidays, I returned to the role of teacher in September. After eight years in Kindergarten, I was moved to Primary Two (Grade Three in the US). I have loved every minute of getting to know these older kids (and the new curriculum). It's challenging, but so very exciting and I'm enjoying it immensely.

September was also the month where I really started focusing on my health and fitness. I started exercising daily and incorporating more wholesome and natural foods into my diet. I fully intend to keep this up (and do a whole lot more) in October.

I cannot complete this post without talking about new friendships. I've been reading Emily's and Jennifer's blogs for awhile, but last month they became more than just fellow bloggers, they became friends. Both of them are just the sweetest human beings and their friendships solidifies my love of blogging. Blogging has opened so many doors and windows for me, it's truly one of the best things I've ever done.

And last but not least, for this TV lover, September brought with it the return of Fall TV!

Happy October friends. 

What are you grateful for?

Link Love

Sep 28, 2014

It's Downton Day! Who's excited that in a few hours Episode Two, Season Five of Downton Abbey will be uploaded online for all of us in the Western Hemisphere? I tend to stay away from Downton's Facebook and Twitter pages on Sunday evenings to avoid the spoilers from the UK folks. Hey, if I were living in the UK, I'd totally be gushing about Downton too, so by all means UK peeps...gush away. I'll join in as soon as I can.

All that aside, this weekend was so incredibly relaxing. Loved every minute of it. Went out for lunch with the family yesterday and again today...slept in till late on both days and watched two movies with my cousin, 'The Big Wedding and Fantastic Four'. I haven't yet gotten used to the free weekends now that University is over, eventually I will, but not just yet. I'm still soaking it all in...the sound of freedom.

Anyway...I didn't spend a lot of time online this past week, but I still managed to find myself five links that I absolutely loved.

Costa Rica - Ten Things You Didn't Know - Pura Vida...I'm thinking of getting those words tattooed on my hand.

Emma Watson for President! - Go Hermione Go!

29 Tips to make your blog posts better

11 tiny and adorable animals

34 people who managed to screw up their one job - Some of these made me LOL.

Music I can listen to everyday for the rest of my life

Sep 27, 2014

I can probably add loads more to this list, but I'll leave it here. I can listen to these songs every single day and I probably do. I love music like this. Beautiful, sexy and romantic.

Are there any songs that you love so much you can listen to for the rest of your life?


Sep 23, 2014

Ember Grey

There are quite a few things that I am grateful for this week.

1. My friends. Without you all, I don't know where I'd be. You guys always manage to cheer me up, put a smile on my face and/or make me laugh. Whenever I am in need of a listening and compassionate ear, you're always there. You ladies always have my back and for that I'm eternally grateful. Love you lots and wish each of you only the best.

2. 'Fall TV'. How could I not add this one here? This week in TV land is the bomb diggity! The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, Grey's and Scandal all return this week.

3. My family. Mainly my cousins. They are fun to hang out with and incredibly supportive. Love you Anna, Chad, Jeremy and Aunty Nicole.

4. Mid-week holidays. Tomorrow is Republic Day in Trinidad, so we've got a holiday. YAY!

5. Incredibly talented musicians that make music like this. 

Your turn. What are you grateful for this week?


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