Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Eye Make-Up Tricks for Brown Eyes

One of the best parts of having brown eyes is that instead of some free color, or even just one for the same nuances, almost every color is a compliment of chocolate. That means no matter what your personal style, you can find a makeup trick to complement both the gorgeous brown eye color and your unique personality. The real trick is to learn how and where to put different colors to improve the shade of your brown eyes.

Brown eyes are usually broken down into four different brown colors. It is dark brown, dark brown, light brown and light brown eyes with gold spots that allow them to look almost hazel. Each color has something that allows various make-up tricks to highlight and differentiate colors so that the eyes become sharp and shine even with something as simple as an eye shadow layer.

First we will discuss the makeup trick for you with dark brown eye color. Perhaps the best of this dark brown color is the color of the eyes itself has increased the intensity of any display so it looks softer it looks hot. There are two very important tricks for darker brown eyes. The first is that to look at the daylight, try to stay with the shades of eyeshadow with a little luster that one tone brighter or darker than the natural color of your skin. It will help to even get out of the color of the eyelid and the dark contrast or color of your eyes will add to the magic, let alone the eyed eye shadow wipe the brow bone. For medium night view to dark brown eye shadow color will work best for you. The only drawback is that with the color of your eyes, the darker appearance sometimes feels a bit hard and arrogant.

Second is a makeup trick for you with medium brown eye color. You may be the luckiest because any color really works for you. To really maximize the eye color, violet, purple and purple you can be used to create an eye look and is the best choice to polish the color of your medium brown eyes as well as each other. Try a purple cream pad along the eyelid and up to the brow bone. Apply a dark purple on the eyelid and gently top with a violet color along the crease.

Next we will discuss eye makeup tricks for people with light brown eyes. You have the added benefit that light brown eyes are always conspicuous. One of the tricks to remember with your brown color is because the chocolate is very light, you want to avoid something that will beat the color of your brown eyes. You can still use darker brown shades but keep them for the folds of your eyelids or a thin layer of highlighting under the eyes. Use lighter shades, especially yellow and gold, because the main subject for any eye looks your way. You should also avoid black eyeliners and mascaras and choose chocolate.

Finally we will see a trick for you with hazel almost like shades of chocolate. These eye colors look absolutely stunning with eye shadow colors that have one to two tones darker than your actual skin color and with a dark brown accent on the eyelid or with a liner pencil under the eyes. This will help bring the color of brown to your eyes while contemplating the natural highlights.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Three Super Reasons to Start Drinking Lemon Water Today

As you go through your healthy eating program, the one thing you want to make sure is to drink enough fluids. Staying hydrated is the key to keeping ...

energy levels rise,
Your hunger is down, and
Your blood sugar level is stable.
If you want to maximize your hydration, there is one way to do it: lemon water. Why lemon water is so beneficial? Let's see why ...
1. Detoxification. First, lemon water is excellent for detoxing your body. Water alone is ideal for removing toxins from your system, but added lemons help cleanse your digestive tract and make sure everything works optimally.

It is important to remember when you are overloaded with toxins, which you often face every day, everything in your body is less than optimal. You have to face this toxic load, and it can be very heavy and energy efficient.

Once you get rid of the toxins, your energy levels will increase, and you'll start to feel better.

2. Low calorie. Next, you will benefit from lemon juice because it is very low in calories. Lemon only contains calories per whole fruit, so juice from some lemon slices can be at most two or three calories.

Consuming calorie beverages is one of the main causes of weight gain for many people, so the more you can trade this with calorie-free drinks, the higher your chances of reaching your weight goals.

Furthermore, the lightness of this water will also encourage you to drink more. Thus it will be easier to get your hydration needs met.

3. Balancing pH level. Lemons outside the body are very acidic, but inside the body, this is a whole different story. As they move through the digestive tract, they become alkaline, so it's good to keep your body where it's supposed to be.

When you get very sour, it can make you ready for problems like ...

Lack of appetite,
increased heart rate,
light head, and
have difficulty concentrating
Most of us regularly experience acidic circumstances because they consume so much meat, milk, and whole grains.
There you have three super reasons to drink lemon juice today. Try putting a little lemon slice into cold cold water and some fresh mint leaves to enjoy the delicious drinks you would expect.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, type 2 diabetes is not a condition that you must live. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lose weight and your blood sugar levels. Wait there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

6 Helpful Things to Know About the Conditioner

The conditioner is great for keeping your hair smooth and reducing problems with tangles. But, it is important to use the right conditioner to fit your hair type for best results. Here are six useful things to know about using hair conditioner:

Stop your follicles

The conditioner is a useful option to moisturize your follicles. This is mostly seen in the cold months where hair is more likely to dry out. The deep conditioning mask that is applied once a month has the ability to let the hair look sleek and soft with all the marks of dried flakes knocked out.

Condition before you wash

Applying a conditioner before the shampoo actually gives you the option to fix your hair. High-quality conditioners tend to stay in your hair and will not completely rinse them. The conditioner left in the hair after coming out of the bathroom may have the effect of losing weight on the hair. This means reduced hair volume. But, reverse the bathing habits that you can collect any residue that helps to encourage better reflections.

Use the right conditioner

There is no single conditioner capable of delivering desired results for everyone. The conditioner is often chosen based on factors such as hair texture. For example, volumizing products are great for thin hair, while low oil formulas are practical for oily and thick hair. Choosing the right conditioner can have a significant impact on the look of your hair.

Roots should be avoided

It is very important to avoid the roots when it comes to conditioning. The best action is to start a tip and slowly adjust the length of the hair. Its midpoint is usually far enough away to give your hair the hydration it needs.

Work with strands of hair

For women who have colored their hair usually should apply different approaches to maintain healthy hair. Hair mask is the best way to maintain the color and make sure it stays in your hair longer. High quality masks have the ability to protect your hair cuticle and seal in color.

Shampooing is not necessary every day

Daily shampoo can make the hair quite dry and with broken ends, but this problem does not apply to conditioning. Using your everyday conditioner is necessary to avoid problems with damage and curling, and stop it from drying.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

10 Beauty Hacks For Beautiful Skin

If you have always dreamed of smooth skin without blemishes, pimples and stains, it could be yours now. Try these 10 simple beauty hacks to overcome your skin's woes and give your skin the beautiful natural look you've always wanted.

  1. Do not forget to follow the golden rule to remove all makeup marks before you sleep. With makeup, your skin is not free to breathe. It clogs the skin overnight, causing stains, blackheads, and whiteheads. Always remove your makeup with light oils like olive oil with cotton balls dipped in them. This will make you get rid of dirt and makeup. It is also important to peel your skin every once or twice a week. This will remove the accumulation of dead cells from the surface of the skin and cleanse the pores, thus making your skin free of blemishes. The walnut cane with yogurt is great for flaking the skin in a natural way.
  2. Long-term sun exposure can cause age spots, wrinkles, and other skin woes early in life. It is important to apply a minimal sunscreen of SPF 15 to block UVA and UVB rays. Make sure sunscreen is not blackheads and non-acnegenic. Do not miss the sunscreen if there is no visible sunlight. Reflective surfaces such as beaches, snow or ice can harm the skin with hidden sunlight.
  3. Regular exercise is just as important as other activities. Whether it is running, jogging, cycling or yoga, any form of exercise that improves blood circulation and speeds up the body cleansing process is important. However, do not forget your skin care regime after or before exercise. Before heading out for a workout, apply toner to minimize oil production. Similarly after exercising, peel and apply a light moisturizer such as shea butter or olive oil.
  4. Eat fresh and seasonal foods. Avoid carbohydrate-laden foods and heavy oils such as fries, cola, or other junk foods. Remember, you are what you eat. Include plenty of fresh produce such as raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. A diet rich in minerals, vitamins and low in fat and sugar will give you a radiant complexion.
  5. Sleep is an important factor that does not need to be remembered. Get at least 7-8 hours of deep sleep. The body needs a resting section to rejuvenate and regenerate. Not enough sleep will be visible on your skin so it looks dull, sagging and with dark circles. It is important to apply a good moisturizing cream before you take a rest. As you sleep, your body uses this moisturizer to heal and repair the skin.
  6. Stop yourself 60% of our body consists of water. As the water level drops, your skin feels dull, lifeless and lacks any elasticity. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Have fruit and vegetables that are high in water content such as oranges, lemons, cucumbers, watermelon etc. To treat swollen eyes, use rose water throughout your skin when a cotton ball is dipped in it or as a spritz. This keeps the skin pH balance and restores its nose.
  7. Follow a skin care regimen that is as close as possible to nature. Masks and wrap made of more complete soil, turmeric, camphor, sandalwood etc. have great benefits. Pamper yourself occasionally to a facial or spa massage. Oils such as coconut, oil, almond or even mustard provide a nourishing light on your skin. Massage for 20 minutes and clean.
  8. Wash your face with lukewarm water instead of hot water. Hot water tends to disarm its natural oils. Choose a cleanser that contains alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid. After washing the face gently, apply a lotion containing benzoyl peroxide to treat acne. Do not touch your face or pop acne often. This will leave scars and acne scars. Clean with rose water and place a green tea bag that has been cooled for 10 minutes.
  9. It's always a better idea to connect with nature and your roots. Ayurveda is known as the Indian mantra for all illnesses and health. It has many secrets of hidden beauty in it. Simple breathing techniques can help you get rid of toxins and give you a radiant complexion. When your body is in harmony with your mind and soul, you feel energized and it is visible on your face.
  10. Follow healthy habits such as yoga, meditation, brisk walking etc. Minimize stress by practicing stress management. Train the road to health and radiant skin.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Simple Guide to Natural Skincare

Our skin absorbs many things including chemicals. Given the amount of makeup and skin care products we use every day, it's easy to understand the amount of chemicals coming into our pores. For years, the regulatory body has approved the use of certain chemicals and parabens, at least in small quantities. However, researchers, dermatologists and dermatologists believe that there is no substitute for natural skin care.

Understanding natural skin care

Natural skin care is about using the most natural ingredients. It can be further divided into herbal, natural and organic segments. Today, every manufacturer has a unique way of developing products, and in many cases, the process remains secure, like a tightly guarded secret. Even the regulatory authorities do not have many reasons for this, except to list the actions and restrictions. So, what can you expect from natural skin care?

1. First thing first, this product does not have any chemicals or preservatives that are harmful to the skin.

2. It is formulated with 100% natural products and ingredients. Keep in mind that nature and organic does not always mean the same thing. We will discuss it a bit.

3. Thirdly, the product is formulated in a particular country, as mentioned.

4. Also, some companies do not use animal testing for natural products, which is a big plus.

How to choose natural products for skin?

You'll be happy to know that natural products are available in both skin care and makeup. However, the main task is to find the right brand. Whether you are looking for a special homemade face mask or massage cream, you need to check out some basic things.

  • Start with a label. Good manufacturers will ensure 100% transparency on their product labels. You will find all the relevant details on the product package or sticker.
  • Check the potion. It's just as important. You need to check if all the ingredients are natural and mentioned as needed. Do not buy products that only mention 'Material Locks'.
  • Check the brand. Is the brand reputable? Are they certified by regulatory bodies or independent laboratories? If so, you can certainly trust the company for their products.
  • Natural or organic With organic, it means the potion is made without additional fertilizers and chemicals. So yes, organic products are always better than just natural products. Check if the product is certified as organic.
  • Is the product formulated for sensitive skin? Most skin products and natural makeup are considered good for sensitive skin, but that is the aspect you need to check.
  • Lastly, you need to check the reviews. There are bloggers and other sites that review natural skin care products, and you can find many amazing facts and details. In addition, first-hand experiences from other users are always useful in comparing options. Do not forget, check the price. Since such products do not have many preservatives and chemicals, the cost is higher but it is worth to be paid. Check online now and start shopping for your savings!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Afro Braids: Tips and Tutorials

Genuine African culture, Afro braids do more than just a hair ornament. Hairstyle can identify a person's social position or even reveal the availability of marriage.

Throughout the generations, the braid has become a tradition because that is how older women use their knowledge and wisdom to the younger.

For this reason, the hairstyle, now well known for its personality and style, is at all a symbol of the identity, roots, and beauty of black women.

Afro braid can have many variations of color, size, thickness, and dots and the best way to decide between them when they think of joining a hairstyle is to find inspiration in a gallery full of Queens Instagram that already showcased their own work.

Hairdresser and specializing in AinĂ¡ Garcia's braids, from Carioca Studio's Madame Garcia Afro Urban Hair, explains that the most common type of bend is a braided box. Its popularity comes from the ease of applying different types of hair, but has a higher endurance and beauty in curly hair. Check out other tips from professionals for those who intend to venture into a beautiful world of braids:

  • Afro braids are made in the same small key braided along with the fibers, providing durability, thickness, length and even color on the bend.
  • Depending on the type of hair and procedure you use, braids take 4 to 9 hours to be ready, so get ready one afternoon and leave without haste.
  • Braids can be washed with shampoo and conditioner regularly, but if your hair is not too curly, give 2 in 1 shampoo option.
  • Braids can last up to 2 months in hair, but avoid waiting outside that time so as not to damage it.
  • To avoid curling in the braid, sleep with a hood, a handkerchief or even half pants on the head to protect the hairdo. It is important to emphasize the historical identification that Afro has with black women and its roots, a hairstyle that is more related to cultural richness than style, which makes it more suitable for ethnic Africans.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Secrets of Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Who does not want beautiful and healthy hair? Of course we all do it!

I personally believe and it is true of course, the secret to pretty hair is not an expensive hair product or regular visits to the salon. Still we try different hair care products to achieve that shiny hair goal, spend a lot of money (which is hard to get!) To get the healthy mane you've always dreamed of. But, never thought that expensive hair care products alone can not help you realize your dreams.

Yes, let's do the analysis right away. Your hair needs food from within the roots. Your hair needs food too. If basic, but compulsory, nutrients are missing from your food, no matter how hard you try and visit the salon, nothing can not help you fulfill that beautiful hair goal.

Let's get to the Biology of your hair to understand what they really need.

The building blocks of each hair are PROTEIN. To include simple words I will say, your hair is made up of proteins. Protein-rich foods will definitely help keep your hair healthy. But, besides protein, hair also needs other essential nutrients. For example, zinc iron, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamin c, biotin is necessary for the growth of your healthy hair.

I've mentioned some of the foods below that are needed to get them present in your food again ready for all the hair related issues and no expensive brands can help you.

PROTEIN RICH FOOD: Eggs are one of the best natural protein sources. Hair is made of protein. So include them in your daily diet so as to achieve the goal of healthy hair. Ladies, add at least 23 grams of protein to your daily diet.

Other protein-rich foods include beans, soy, dairy products such as milk, buttermilk, cheese, oilseed, tofu, beans and nuts.

Vitamin C:

Well, yes the dose of Vitamin C definitely helps to get shiny hair. Vitamin C not only helps absorb iron but also helps hair growth, hair pigmentation, promote hair growth tissue. Finally produce a smaller hair.

Sources of vitamin C include oranges, brussels sprouts, kale, red peppers, strawberries, lemon, guava, broccoli, grapefruit and more.


Keep your hair thick and nutritious, and include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Generally, nuts and seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

You may also include walnuts, flaxseeds, beans, spinach, kale, almonds.

Am I missing something? Then add in the comments section below (I want to read it and increase my knowledge).

Eye Make-Up Tricks for Brown Eyes

One of the best parts of having brown eyes is that instead of some free color, or even just one for the same nuances, almost every color is ...